Magical Midsummer night

June 24, 2016 Koivisto 4 Comments

Midsummer is celebrated in Finland 24th June. It's a celebration for light and the nightless night. There's a lot of traditions and beliefs connected to it. The Midsummer night is mysterious and a perfect time for magic. At this night it's possible to see the future spouse for example by looking into a well. It's also the time when the ghosts are awake and other strange things are happening. For example there can be seen glowing lights above water or swamps. This year the night felt actually magical. The fields were covered with fog, which made all look mysterious and a little bit spooky. It was like we were thrown into some other world.
We dind't see any strange lights on the Nuijajoki river. Instead we saw a lot of small bats, which were flying silently right above the surface and catching insects. Unfortunately we couldn't capture them on the camera. This was nevertheless new and unforgettable view for us.
The old barn houses and storages looked tempting. Maybe the previous farmes had a gathering there.
We were lucky to see the moon briefly. It looked stunning. It had turned reddish because of the sun, which was still there somewhere under the trees giving us a glimpse of light.
The night was special, but also the day, because we got finally electricity for the oven and water for the kitchen. A perfect Midsummer.


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    1. Thank you Débora. You're very welcome here anytime! ;) Kisses and hugs. -Susanna

  2. Hi Susanna.

    I am pleased to visit in your blog of your renovation project. I can see that you and your husband are very deep level in artistic world. Your photos tell more than thousand words and they are beautiful in my mind.

    One small technical issue that I did notice was that your web pages do load quite slowly in this busy world. Perhaps you could first load a pictures of small resolution. Then the visitor could investigate what you have written.

    Sinceraly your fan Susanna,
    Tapio Myllärinen

    1. Hello Tapio and thank you for the compliment. We are very overwhelmed. Thank you for the tip. You're right. The photos could have smaller resolution. We work on that as soon as possible. If you're around come to visit us. :)