All white

November 07, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

The brightness is now surrounding us outside and inside. The winter and snow has arrived. We are still using the sauna house by the river as our bathroom. The river is surprisingly already frozen. So the newest thing is to break the ice in the mornings, so we can take refreshing baths in the cold water. But the shower in the house is also almost ready. Maybe still a one week to go. Among the bathroom we have been fixing and painting the old walls at the basement. First the brick walls were covered with a thin layer of plaster to make the surface better and close the tiny holes. All the rooms are now painted with the first coat. The white color of the paint made all rooms look new and bigger.
Once again we had lovely helping hands here. Simone was helping by painting the bathroom and toilet walls. Thank you!
We didn't want to overdo the walls by making them flawless, but keep the original feel of them - the charm from the old house. Slightly better surfaces and the white paint makes a huge difference. We are happy with the end result, rough and classy.
This is our future office space. Quite a transformation already! The next step is to fix the doors at their places.
The white paint makes nice little details pop up and turns ugly things prettier. For example the waste water pipes are looking now better against the white pure wall.
White is the color of the moment in the form of paint and snow. It's nice at the almost darkest time of the year. On the photo above is Tobi's first time in the ice water. He has still a smile on his face, so it wasn't that bad. Anyway it's easy to smile, because of all the progress we have made.


  1. Huge progress going there! Have a nice November!

    1. Thank you. If you're around, welcome to visit. Nice November to you too! And all the luck with your project.