Kitchen in progress

June 10, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

Our kitchen is coming together slowly but surely. The kitchen furniture will be partly recycled, partly made by hand and partly new. All the kitchen furniture and machines are placed on two walls. On the other wall we're using pastel colored doors and drawers with rounded edges. They are orginally from an other kitchen and used, but in a quite good condition. Tobi is building cupboards out of pine plywood for the doors and drawers. We hope, that in the end our kitchen will have a little bit retro feel with a modern twist.

We covered the walls with plasterboard, which was quite an operation, because the walls were not quite straight. And there were also some difficulties to make them stay on the old walls, but we made it finally. Then we filled the screw holes and all the seems. The next thing was to paint the walls with white undercoat and the ceiling with white and half matt paint. The white paint made the kitchen look so much bigger as it was.

A moment of success, when we brought the first ready cupboard to the kitchen. The combination of the pastel color, the aluminium edge and the wood is working well. Maybe we can call this house home pretty soon.