When the work is done and the night beautiful

June 01, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We have been lucky with the warmth of the Spring and the almost nightless nights. We are both not a morning persons, so it's a relief, that this time of the year offers the light almost round the clock. After all the work it's time to take a beer and relax. We both love photographing and here the surroundings gives a lot to get inspired from.

Like the old apple trees, which are maybe even older than the house.
The river, which is flowing close to our sauna building. The water is always cold, but at the same time refreshing. The river is called Nuijajoki and Nuija means a mallet or in the spoken language an idiot. The mallet suits well. It's kind of a hit from the coldness everytime, when jumping in to the water.

The Moon, which shines brighter at countryside than in the city. Or at least, that's the feel of it.

There has been often a fire at night on our yard. We were burning some wood from the old storage room. The wood is so old, that it has turned really lightweight. Maybe in couple of more ten years there would be only dust left. Anyhow the fire has its own beauty and the spirit from the old farm.