Hundreds of tiles and a few cupboards

June 20, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

Yes, we are still stuck with the kitchen. Lately we have been tiling the walls and finally fixing the furniture to the right place. We used Pukkila's square shaped cold white and half matte tiles from the floor till the ceiling. The idea came from butcher shops, where the walls are covered with tiles. This way the kitchen is easy to keep clean and the space looks much bigger, when there's no cutting lines between the tiles and the walls. The clear and simple look is also close to our taste.

It was the first time as we were laying tiles, so it took quite a while. We used these little crosses between the tiles to make the work easier. The end result maybe not perfect, but for first-timers it's close enough. We chose concrete gray for the seams, cause we wanted to create a nice contrast and add the three dimensional feeling. Later our kitchen will have a floor painted in gray. So in this way too, the gray suits well. We we're first worried, that the gray turned out too dark. But after it dried, it came back to what we wanted.
Succesful tiling is about patience, measuring, tolerating messiness and cleaning all the mess.
Tobi continued building our cupboards, the ones with pastel colored doors. We're hoping to have at least partly functioning kitchen before the Midsummer day, which is celebrated at 24th of June. On the other words: this weekend!
So far we're excited about our new kitchen. It has already turned bigger and brighter. It has the soul from the past, the maschines from today and the touch of our hands.