Finishing the basement

March 28, 2017 Koivisto 3 Comments

Spring is knocking on the door and almost half an year long winter is soon turning to blossoming flowers. Last week we saw the bravest swans coming back here. Now there's again energy to renovate. Our goal to have the working spaces ready in March is not only an illusion. The rooms downstairs are waiting their furniture, but otherwise they are ready. We installed the doors, tiled a little more and painted again the walls. Then there was finishing touches to make, like attaching the ledges and fixing the ceiling with acrylic. Now everything looks so new and there's a smell of a fresh paint floating around.
Tobi repaired the old doors so we could use them again. He sanded them and fixed little mistakes with filling paste. The oldest of our doors date back to the end of 1800's and are originally from the old farm house. Now they take us to the workshop room and to the technical room. The door to the bathroom and to the office are from here and 50's style.
First we were hesitating to paint the old beautiful surface, but we wanted a unifying look for the different doors. We also found a perfect paint tone from Tikkurila called Harso. It was a little bit imitating the gray greenish color, which the doors used to have. After painting the original handles were fixed and lacquered black. The combination makes a nice contrast.
We got lucky also with the paint for the floor ledges. Tikkurila's tone Basaltti suited perfect for our floor. After painting the walls and the ledges we attached them to the walls.
Since we still had here left over tiles from someone, we decided to use them for our workshop room. The room will be used for messy work, so with tiles it will be easy to keep clean.
Next step was to make windowsills for our new windows (No longer a construction area). For them we used some rest material, that we had here. We made an oak board for the workshop and in the office a windowsill out of pine. The pine board was originally made by Susanna's grandfather and probably from our own forest.
Last we painted the old window frames in the office, which made the final touch to the makeover. Next week we can hopefully show you the rooms better and with furniture. This time we had quite a lot to update. We love how the light of the spring is making its way to the pictures. We have been waiting for it - welcome spring!


  1. Wow!!!! Ihr seid Profis!!!!! Alles wunderschön <3

    1. Vielen lieben Dank. Komm zu Besuch! Grüsse von uns. <3