Progress, pause and permission

July 03, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

Our kitchen is almost ready. The electricity for the lights are missing and the ledges, that will cover the cabels. Also the floor has to be painted. This week we fixed all the cupboards, the kitchen boards, the sink and our new machines to their places. We took also one day off and visited the neighbor capital Tallinn. Sometimes it's needed to get out of the renovation chaos! The best news brought our little, narrow dishwasher, which saved our nerves - no more washing the dishes at the garden. The last two months we have been without a sink and struggling with the dirty dishes. Now it's almost too easy.
The other side of the kitchen got its drawers and cupboards. We were tuning them a bit by painting the beech edges with white transparent lacquer. They are orginally also from an other kitchen and little used like the doors from the pastel colored ones.
Tobi made the most prettiest and cutest little open shelf out of pine plywood. It's also finished with white transparent lacquer to suit in the bright kitchen. We wanted the shelf for these cool things, that we have been finding from the farm like the old glass bottles and jars. Some of them are from Riihimäki's glass factory, that blossomed during the 50's and 60's.
This Thursday we finally got the permission to renovate the basement. It means, that all the paper work are now done and the floor plans are accepted. We have still some problems with the wastewater system, but lets hope that it turns good soon.


  1. Das geht ja ruckzuck bei euch! Muss ich mich ja beeilen, damit es noch was zu tun gibt...

    1. Keine Sorge. Hier gibt's noch so viel zu tun. ;) Aber du kannst gern bald kommen!