Cooking and baking without kitchen

June 04, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

One passion for us is to cook. Or more like Tobi cooks, Susanna eats and bakes. It's also the most important thing when renovating - remember to eat well! That's also the thing, which is driving us forward to make the kitchen full speed ready. Today on the menu was delicious muikku (Coregonus albula) and fried potatoes with a handful fresh rosemary. Maybe next time the fishes we're eating are coming from our river.

We have been coming quite good along with the kitchen. The old one is now gone or part of it has moved to the living room. We have removed the tiles, the old wallpaper and the plastic carpet from the floor. Also the old and cool extractor fan needed to be removed, but maybe we will figure out new use for it. It's sometimes a little bit chaotic to cook and especially wash the dishes here, but we are managing.

This time there's lot of rhurbarb growing in our garden, so it had to end up in a rhubarb pie or in two tasty pies. After the eating break our journey continues with the kitchen. Next step is to fix the walls.