Messages from the past

June 15, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

The oldest building here is a storage house in front the main building. It has been here from the beginning of the farm. We call it a treasure chamber. There's so many beautiful things from the past: old furniture, old working tools, old glas jars and so on. It stores the history of this farm. Lately we found plenty amount of old letters and postcards. The print quality of the old postcards is quite impressive. Although they were not so carefully stored, still they have remained in a good condition. Also the subjects were well thought and nicely done. Most of the attraction to these postcards comes from the life of the people written in these cards - who lived here, what they thought, what they did.

In this old Christmas card the Santa Claus was not wearing red yet. In one hand he is carrying wood branches to punish the naughty children. Not a very nice guy.
A view from the capital Helsinki at 1918. This yacht-club pavilion was build at 1900.

One eye catching thing with all the postcards and the letters is handwriting. Today's people can only dream to write like that. Especially the ink writings have so much character. Many of the letters and postcards were send at the time of the war. Maybe it was the best way to contact people. The war post has always a stamp called "Kenttäposti", which means battlefield post. The postcard subjects from this time are often connected to the war and the colors are narrowed to a few. It was interesting to read the texts from the war time, lot of emotions, love and hate, but also quite normal everyday life problems and dreams. Like there was no war at all or more likely they didn't want to write about it.
The amount of stuff, that is kept here has caused us gray hairs. Nevertheless we are quite happy, that they dind't throw things away. The value of these kind of findings are irreplaceable.


  1. Super! Vai mitenkä saksalaiset noihin reagois? Oi millaisia löytöjä teette sieltä! Tsemppiä remonttiarkeen myös täältä toisesta remppakohteesta! Meillä ei oo vielkään makkarissa sähköjä ja vessaremppa on nyt täysin kesken.

    -Meri, K:n serkku

    1. Varmaankin: geil tai schön ois reaktio. ;) Kiitos, tsemppiä kyllä tarvitaan. Nyt kaikki raffimpi työ on tehtynä ja saadaan alkaa laittaa paikkoja kauniiksi. Eilen alkoi suihkun seinien laatoitus. Sähköjä meki täällä vielä ootellaan. Paljon tsemppiä meiltä teille! -Susanna