Renovation and spring energy

April 28, 2019 Koivisto 0 Comments

Spring is early this year. Yesterday we were swimming in the river without going first to the sauna. It was so hot day! The renovation is going further. We are finishing the main floor (the floor where we are sleeping and eating) by renovating the corridor and restroom. The amount of light is already mesmerizing. It gives its own boost to get things ready. We want to have the main floor ready before summer and it's also going to happen. The walls in the corridor had the same treatment as almost everywhere in the main floor (see the post Let's make it bright). Susanna's father helped us to place thin plaster boards on top of the old wallpapers. Then we fixed fibreglass wallpapers and finally we painted them white like in the dining room, living room and bedroom. The nature is like a big green explosion. Every here and there are blossoming. Luigi has been curious to get to know new flowers and how they smell. The cranes have returned among other birds. The preparations for the fields have started. Our neighbor is taking care of our crop fields. The birches are early this year with the leaves. What a intensive yellow green color! Tobi did again great work with the toilet by laying tiles on the walls and on the floor. For the walls we used light gray and blue tiles, which both were left overs from another construction. The seems aren't done yet, but they will have a dark gray color. We wanted also tiles for the corridor floors, that it is easy to keep clean when it's rainy and muddy. The chosen tiles are gray brownish with a little texture, so that they are not slippery. There's coming a new post, when the corridor is completed. Next week is the first of May and we have prepared us by making Sima. Sima is traditional Finnish drink, which belongs to the 1st May celebration. Our plan is to relax a bit and enjoy the nature's wonders. Spring is a amazing time to follow and explore the growth of everything. We wish you sunny and happy spring days!