Basement jam

May 28, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

The basement will see the biggest change in the whole house. There use to be a garage for a tractor, a potato cellar, a sauna, a storage room for fire wood and so on. The most of space will now turn into a working area. We have a dream, that we could one day work here as self employed designers. Since there was no isolation underneath the floor, we needed to break the concrete and then later make the floor new again.

Susanna's dad has been helping almost from the beginning. We emptied the old fire wood storage room together to get to break the floor also in this part of the basement.

To be able to finnish the jamming we have to wait for the permission, which gives the town Karkkila. It's because we are changing the purpose for the use of this space. Our basement is turning quiet now for a while.


Project oven

May 25, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

The start of the whole renovation project is to renew the heart of the house, our kitchen. First step was to say goodbye for the old bread oven. The kitchen is so small, that we really needed a little more space and wanted to mordernize it. It would have been nice to keep the oven, but since it wasn't even working properly, we decided to get rid of it.

Little off-topic, but...we really love this light! It has been probably here from the beginning and it's staying. We tried to find out the history of this light, but found nothing. Maybe it's coming from the Art Deco period. There's written Melva III. If anyone knows something about it, give us a hint.

Tearing apart the poor oven was harder than we thought. Maybe the oven would have wanted to stay. After a few days and many hours, we finally won the battle.

When all the bricks were removed the house turned also a little bit lighter. More exactly 1,5 ton lighter. The oven will be replaced with a cute little closet. Actually there was a similar closet on the other side of the old kitchen. So we're using the same door for this new one. No questions about the bad hair. It's belonging to the renovation look.


The dream of a home

May 23, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We got the possibility to move from the city to the countryside, to an old farm, at the beginning of the year 2016. We needed first time to think, if this would be the way we want to live. We decided to say yes and moved here at the end of April. Our new home is located in Karkkila, which is about 60 kilometers from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. In a way the location is quite perfect. We get the chance to live close by the nature and enjoy the beauty its offering and yet we're still not so far away from the city life.

The farm was used to belong to the grandparents of Susanna. They have build the main building at 1959, but the whole farm was excisting already the late 1800's. Because of the countless stories and the history, the place has its own charm.
Before we can really call the old farm home, we want to make it look like us. The renovation will be done with low budget and lot of time investment from us. Tobi's carpenter skills and the German determined spirit will be a big part of it. Warmly welcome to follow our renovation project and the life around it!

Susanna & Tobi