All that snow

January 31, 2019 Koivisto 0 Comments

Our path is still going forward! A new blog post is finally a reality. First of all we want to wish Happy 2019 to you our friends! Thank you for believing in us and liking and following our projects. This post is dedicated to winter and snow. It has been snowing a lot and it's not going to stop yet. It's truly a winter wonderland this year here up in the north. And then to our New Year's promise! We want to write more about our countryside life and all its wonders. We think a post in month would be a great goal. How it sounds to you? The barn and the sauna house at a cold winter morning. All that snow! Trees with the snow. Such a beautiful sight! One cold morning our river had these huge ice flowers on it. On a cloudy day the view is so graphic. It's almost like you were walking in a black and white world. One of our farm visitors filmed our yard and the forest from the air. All looks so pure and white. We did some ice lights to lighten up our yard and to give light to our minds to too. There's still a lot to renovate and lot to do with growing our business. Every year at the farm has brought new experiences with the surroundings and the wonders of the nature. We are excited, how this year is going to be. Now back into the snow to enjoy the winter in all its glory!