No longer a construction area

September 27, 2016 Koivisto 4 Comments

Now we have windows and a door at the basement. This made a huge difference from the time without them. The house is looking like a home, at least when looking from outside. We had helping hands here, which made the renovation took a big step further. Among installing the windows and the door we made some framing to the ceiling, so the electrician can place the cables there. Also the plumber made us happy by bringing the new heaters to the dining room. Some of the nights have been already quite cold, so it was a perfect timing with the heaters. The old garage doors were removed. It felt like now the new generation has taken the house to their hands.
We were hurraing after putting the biggest window to its place. It was so shiny and glossy, that we could use it as a mirror. Though Tobi didn't appreciate the photo making.
On Friday arrived the new windows and that made us smile. Goodbye coldness! Susanna's father, Seppo, was helping with the windows and the door. He has done construction work till his retirement, so he knew how these things are done. We were quite impressed, how fast he fixed the door and the saunawindow into their places.
Stephan and Maik were helping us by doing the framing work to the ceiling at the basement in almost every room. The frames will be later on covered with plaster boards and wooden panels. The electric cables will be placed in between. Thank you guys, this helped a lot!
Now on the heaters are keeping us warm and the heat is coming from the depth of the earth. Maybe the old heaters had more charm, but these new ones are giving more warmth and somehow this bent pipe looks appealing.
Tobi made the plasterwork also to the outside walls. This was the feeling after getting all the windows fixed, a little bit show off.
The Autumn is here, but so are the windows. This cute mini window is located in Susanna's future workshop space. It may not give so much light, but sometimes a little is enough in the darkness. We are ready for the next challenges. Actually now is the time for the nice work. Maybe in a one month the house is starting to look and feel like a home also inside of the house.


  1. Yeah! Wieder zwei wunderschöne Beiträge! Außerdem geiles Hemd trägt der Stephan da :) Und so sonnig bei Euch...

    1. Danke Christoph. September und auch Oktober waren ganz sonnig und trocken. Das Hemd ist ja cool. ;)