Heart of the dining room

July 31, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We might have the most beautiful dining table in the town. We wrote about it earlier in this post: Carpenter's treasure. If you are intrested how the table was when we found it, check the post. The table has a history connected to the farm. The scratches and damages are telling us, that it was used in many things, also for working. We fell in love with these marks from the past, so we wanted to highlight them even more. Tobi sanded the old paint away from the surface, but let it stay in the deepest scratches. Then we used oil to make the gorgeous texture and color of the pine come out. Other parts of the table were painted white. The old bench had the same treatment and turned out just lovely.
The first thing was to fix the broken parts. One leg was broken and one part to lengthen the table was missing.
The table has two drawers and they needed also repairing. Little pieces were missing and one of them had lost one knob, so Tobi made a pair for it. After repairing we painted the front parts and made a oil treatment to the sanded surfaces. On the left can be seen the wooden surface at its pure color and on the right the oiled one. The drawers will come handy - we can hide unnecessary things fast from the table!
Only one old bench survived from the old times, so we needed something to sit on to the other side of the table. We found these chairs also from the farm, but they are not so old, maybe from the 70's or 80's. The chairs are quite petite and simple, so we decided to give them a new look.
After sanding and new paint Tobi covered the chairs with a turquoise textile, which was originally from Susanna's grandmother's cloth storage. She loved sewing and had a lot of different textiles for some reason in blue. We chose this one, because its tone and texture.
The combination of the color, texture and material works well for us. Actually it was a coincidence, that Susanna's grandmother had similar tone of blue in the textile as the old paint of the bench.
We really enjoyed to place the furniture to its place. After struggling with the kitchen almost one month, we made the dining room full speed in one and half weeks. The change from earlier felt overwhelming and the room became our favorite so far. It's not ready yet, but on a good path. We have already a few plans for it, so stay tuned!