From green to yellow

August 04, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

The first sign of Autumn is when the fields are turning yellow. Lately it has been raining a lot and the days are turning colder. We hope, that the warm days are not yet over. This week the work with the water system and the heating started downstairs. It's bit of a chaos here, but we can escape it fast just by going outside of the house. The fields are part of the farm and taken care of our neighbour. In the past Susanna's grandparents were growing there also potatoes and making a living by harvesting the fields. They were or still are the heart of the farm.
Everywhere was green at the beginning of July and now it's all yellow. Whether it's green or yellow there's something calming with the crop fields. They look most beautiful just after the rain and the time of the sunset.
The fog above the fields after a warm and rainy day looks just mesmerising. It's like a spirit, that's coming from the earth and slowly filling the air and making all fresh again.
Tobi climbed to the biggest spruce at our yard to make this photo. This time the effort paid off. The view was pretty astonishing. The field and the storage house in the front are belonging to the farm.
With all the stress from the renovation and everyday life it's sometimes difficult to understand the beauty around us. But the short moments when we realise, what these surrondings give to us, it feels like we are living in a wonderland.