Let's make it bright

July 19, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We have been updating our walls and the floor in the dining room. It was time to say goodbye to the old wallpapers. We placed thin plasterboards on top of them. One reason not to remove them was that there might be asbest used in the wallpaper paste and it was faster this way. We painted also the ceiling, that had turned a bit yellowish with the time. We made new wall surfaces so even as we could by using filler and paper band in the seems. After the coating we started placing the fibreglass wallpaper. It was actually easier than we thought. Way more flexible as a normal wallpaper. The most exciting part was to paint the floors and for us the color is just perfect!
We were first dreaming about rough paint surface, but ended up with the fibreglass wallpaper. Wooden house is constantly moving and we were afraid, that we will have there soon cracks. So we tought, that the fibreglass would give a little elasticity to the surface and it would stay longer good. It may not be the prettiest choice, but we think it suits well to the 50's house.
When the wallpapers were fixed, we painted them white to make the room brighter. We wanted also to highlight the cool original pine doors from the house. Now they are getting the attention they should have.
Also the kitchen floor got a new paint. We used a cold toned gray from Teknos floor paints.
Painting was a lot of fun, but sometimes the speed was too fast.
We got the end result we wanted, bright and fresh. Now the view from the room is popping out and the reflections from the old windows to the floor are just beautiful. We can't wait to place the furniture to the room!