Retro trip

July 25, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

One day we decided to visit the town Karkkila and found a charming little shop called Retro&Romu. Mostly of the products are used and from the 30's till 70's. The selection includes furniture, tableware, lights and also old bicycles. The prices are surprisingly inexpensive. We could have bought half of the things. So many cool products, that would have suite perfectly in the 50's farm house. Luckily we already have quite nice things, that we found from the house. Anyhow the concept of the shop is brilliant. All the marketing is done with Facebook, where the owners of the shop are posting photos of the products. Once in a week they are delivering the products to the capital Helsinki, where people can pick them up. Retro&Romu has almost 18 000 likes in Facebook, whereas the town Karkkila has only 9000 citizens. We were quite blown away, that there is such a cool shop in our village.
There are so many lovely retro lights. These ones above are out of glass. We have soon one similar in our kitchen. It was orginally there since the house was build.
The glassjars are from Finnish company Riihimäen lasi. We found also these beauties from the farm, but not in such a good condition. Tobi has been dreaming of making his own beer, so maybe we will buy later these cute little glass bottles.
Of course we couldn't leave without buying anything. This leather sofa was ours the moment we stepped in to the shop. We wanted it to our dining room to the corner for relaxing. The sofa is from the 60's and probably Danish. It is perfect for two and super comfortable. We need only to oil the wood parts and put conditioner to the leather and it will look almost like new.
We recommend warmly to visit the shop if you are around. The opening hours can be seen at the Retro&Romu Facebook site.