Eating out - updating in

July 08, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

It was about the time to start with the dining room! We've been literally eating outside, because of the little mess and lately cause the dining room has been emptied. The empty room is feeling huge - how do we fill all the space? Anyhow the days were quite sunny, so it hasn't bothered to eat in the garden. Tobi made one day this delicious Turkish delicacy Pide. Any kind of weather can't destroy a good food. Inside we started with renewing the floor. First we took out the old plastic flooring and noticed, that underneath weren't suitable floor boards. So we needed to take the old ones out and set the new ones in.
A plumber helped us a little with the emptying by removing the heaters. We need new heaters, cause the old ones were too weak to give warmth to the dining room and the kitchen. Then the heater pipes got a new color, which should protect them from rusting.
We were beginners making a floor, but it wasn't actually difficult at all. In addition it didn't took so much time, that for example the tiling took. Susanna also enjoyd removing the boards. All the renovation stress can be pointed towards destroying things. Actually we didn't destroy anything, but kept the old boards for a new use.
Tobi tested the new floor. It's very comfortable.
We will manage to have a dining room before the days are getting colder. As long as the Summer goes on, we'll enjoy our food outside. Along with us these tiny fellows from the garden were really pleased with Tobi's bacon covered salmon. Lets enjoy the good food and the warm days!