All the life around us

October 07, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

The starting point for this post came from the Facebook challenge, which was going on couple of months ago. The idea was to photograph nature and its wonders seven days. Instead of the seven days, we have been photographing here almost every day since we started the renovation project. Sometimes we have seen beautiful, funny and even odd things happening around us. This post is dedicated to all the creatures, that are living with or around us.
Susanna likes to photograph insects. They are somehow interesting, maybe because they are so different from us. Because of the little details, that you are able to see only through the lense of the camera. Because of the life cycle, from larva to an adult insect. On this photo above is a cockchafer, also called May bug, which we at May. This one is a lady, because she has only six pieces on each antenna, whereas the male has seven.

We met hundreds of these flying insects at the end of May. They were flying in the same place and just going up and down and then up again. In one week they were gone. In German they are called Eintagsfliegen, one day flies, and this was the mating ritual. Some point they were taking a break and then it was possible to see them close and yes they were beautiful.
This spider was living under the garden table. She was a little bit shy, but she loved the sun and came out every now and then to bath in the June's warmth. We saw this spider so often, everytime we had lunch or dinner there, so we became attached to it.
This view was taken in July from the river, that are crossing the yard. It's a crab lying on a stone or more like what is left of it. The river is full also with the living ones. Maybe some bird or bigger animal had a nice lunch.
This photo was taken at the end of August, when the frogs were searching a place for their winter sleep. We had a deep hole dug in our garden for a water pipe. From this hole we found over ten frogs during couple of days. We needed to rescue them. All in all we have seen tens or almost hundreds of frogs this year. That's a happy sign. They are growing strong at least here at the countryside.
This little fellow was the first we got to know, when we moved in. Tobi named it Mika (as an inspiration was the famous Finnish formula driver Mika Häkkinen). Well maybe this is not Mika, but some of his friend. In September the squirrels were collecting the acorns and hiding them all over the place.
And last but not least, today we saw white-tailed deers on our field, a mother with two children or we assume so. We didn't dare to go near and decided to took some photos from our roof. For us the new thing was, that they have such a long tails! Usually we have seen them only in the dusk or dark, but today they were enjoying the last rays of the sun. The fact, that we are living so close to all living creatures, is one of the best things here.