Renovation news

October 18, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We have been silent for a while, still we made some progress. Our bathroom has tiles on the walls, the future workshop space has a new ceiling and our technical room has a sink now. That means tomorrow our washing machine is moving away from the porch. That is the best news for a while. Some thanks are belonging to our plumber, who finally made it here. Now the basement is warm, because the floor heating is turned on. Luckily it has been the driest Autumn in a history with many sunny days. These sunny days have been keeping up the spirit here. Otherwise the motivation has been few and far between.
Susanna covered first the bathroom walls with this blue color, which protecs the walls from getting moisture damages.
Tobi was working for a long time with tiles. That was this time the most enjoyable work here. Some of the tiles needed a little cutting, that they fitted perfect with the showers. We are going to have two showers, so the happiness will be twice as big, when they are working.
Like often with the things we enjoy to do, the end result turned out pleasing. Two walls will be covered with these white matt tiles from Pukkila, but for the other walls we have made other things. We will reveal them for you later. Stay tuned!
The electrician installed some of the cables, so we could work further with the ceiling. Susanna's father fixed the plaster boards and we finished the ceiling by covering the seems with filler and then by painting it.
Our technical room is almost ready. On the photo above Tobi is finishing legs for a table, where our sink is placed. We wanted to have one part of this wall with tiles to protect it from water splashes. The tiles were leftovers like the board for the sink (a leftover from our kitchen board), but they suited really well together. Also the legs for the table we found here. We were happy how it turned out and how inexpensive the solution was.
So this was a little update, how we are doing here. The main thing is, that the things are going further. We are trying to keep up the good spirit and make more progress. We promise to post new things soon. This week had a good start and already a lot happened.