Koivisto praline

October 26, 2016 Koivisto 1 Comments

And other Aronia treats. The last berries are now in good use just before the first snow, which arrived yesterday. It's really pity, that this berry is at least in Finland so underestimated. Maybe this post will open the eyes. The aronia bushes are quite common in the gardens, because they are beautiful and they can manage in the cold atmosphere. Furthermore they are also healthy and tasty. We wrote already earlier in the post Delicacy from our garden and the forest about our aronia jam, which didn't quite fullfill the expectations. Afterwards we have been drying them and made juice out of it, which both worked well. But definitely the best creation was Tobi's aronia pralines, which we named Koivisto praline.
This is the leftover from the berries after we made juice out of them. We mixed them with sugar and dried them few weeks. First in the oven and then just in the room temperature. The berry plate was drying so long till it turned firm, but remained moist.
We cut the plate in small square formed pieces and covered them with white and dark chocolate. The dark makes the taste of aronia even stronger, whereas the white makes it softer.
The newest version of the pralines is with our dried aronia berries on top. They turned out tasty and also beautiful. Maybe we should start a delicacy shop at this farm!
Despite the promises we are still keeping the renovation update to ourselves. We will show the updated situation very soon. We just thought, that these treats were more worth to see. And if you are around, come and taste the juice and the pralines before they run out. Probably the best sweets in this town!

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