Delicacy from our garden and the forest

September 30, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We have managed to make something out of the treats from the garden and the forest. Hopefully the next year we have more time to make most out of all the delicious things, that our surroundings offer. We have been picking mushrooms and berries. Mushrooms have been eaten almost right after we picked them. The berries have turned to tasty jam. The apples we took to the people, who made juice out of them. That was maybe the most exciting experience, because we both haven't seen the process before.
At the end of August it was possible to get a lot of mushrooms from the forest just with a little effort to go there. It was full of them! Lately it has been too dry for mushrooms, minus the last two days. Some point we were eating mushrooms so much, that we were tired of them. Now it would be nice to have a taste from our favorite, the hedgehog mushroom.
The garden is full with berry bushes from Susanna's grandma's times. We didn't garden them this year at all, and still they are growing and growing. There are raspberries, green and red gooseberries, black and red currant and aronia berries. Not to mention the blueberries and lingonberries in the forest. We made jam out of them pure and mixed. The best taste for the jam was coming from the black currant. Just delicious!
We have about ten apple trees in the garden and this year has been a really good apple year. We have already made juice from over 100kg apples and that's only a little part of them. Luckily also the deers and other animals have found them and enjoying the taste, whereas we have been too incapable to pick them all.
First our hand picked apples were rolling like in some production line going to be squeezed. Then the squeezed juice was led to a huge tank to be pasteurized. At the end our empty bottles were filled. We hope that one glass apple juice every morning will keep the doctor away. At least the taste is perfect.
The aronia bushes have turned beautiful with the colors of Autumn. We are planning to test them dried. Maybe it's working better than the jam. We are grateful from our garden, which was taken care from the previous generations. Now it's our turn. As former city people it may take some time untill we can make most of the nature's delicacy. One task is already set up for the next year: to test all the eatable mushrooms from the forest.