Silence of the forest

September 07, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

There has been recently a few obstacles with the renovation. Things haven't worked out so smoothly like earlier. We are getting tired and sometimes even grumpy. Little trips to our forest, which is located almost at our backyard, had helped us not to lose our nerves. It's working like a meditation. There we can relax and forget the time. Just focus on the present moment and be amazed about the beauty and diversity of the forest. So far our forest has surprised us every time, when we have stepped into its magical world. There has been new plants to discover, funny looking mushrooms and it never looks exactly the same.
This astonishing view was captured on a one foggy morning. The same river, Nuijajoki, flows in front of the sauna building. Also this other part of the river is belonging to the farm.
We love, how the moss feels like under our feet. So soft and calming to walk!
The days have been quite warm, but the nights are already cold. We have to admit, that the Autumn is here. One of the coolest things with Autumn are all the beautiful, funny looking and sometimes also icky mushrooms. We have spend a lot of time exploring them.
Some of them are also delicious to eat!
Some of the trees have to be hundreds of years old. It gives us perspective to our lives and respect from us towards the forest. It's also fascinating how many living organism can seamlessly live together. Or even so, that they need each other.
The forest is full of life, but sometimes the death has taken a visit. We found this deer in May and the skeleton is still there. Maybe the wolves took it down. Somehow in its own way the skull looks quite graceful.
Hopefully all is turning better with the renovation. Maybe we have had too much speed at the beginning and now it's starting to hit us back. At least we are working as good as we can and sometimes having fun with it too. To keep our mind in balance, we are continuing our little trips to the forest every now and then.