Frustrating walls and a little progress

September 19, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

At the moment there's lot to do at the basement. We started with the walls. First building them and then the new and the old walls needed to be straighten. The work is called plasterwork and it gave us a headache. Finally Tobi figured out, how it's done and the end result turned out okay. Last week we needed to have the technical room painted and ready for the geothermal heating pump and the warm water tank. Susanna painted the walls and Tobi sanded the concrete floor. It was quite a dusty work! We are waiting to get to do the beautiful work again - the finishing work. This time we are not enjoying so much about the renovation, but luckily every cloud has a silver lining. The heating system is installed and we'll have a warm house before the cold Autumn days. Also the work with the electricity is going further.
First we wanted to test the plasterwork and make it a little easier by attaching wooden sticks. The sticks made the area smaller, so it was smoother to apply. The finishing touch was made with an even piece of wood. We had problems with the plaster. It was somehow all the time sliding even tough we tried to use less water and more plaster. At the end we decided to use a thin layer after another till we got the wanted thickness.
Some point the work was feeling really frustrating.
After the walls were dry the wooden helping sticks were removed and the holes filled. At the end all the walls were finished with a rough filing tool to make a smooth surface.
The walls from the technical room were painted by spraying. And the floors were sanded before the machines were installed.
The dust from sanding looked beautiful with the sunrays.
The technical room is a funny mixture of old and new devices. The huge grey thing is for the warm water and we're not quite sure, what the cute little red thing is doing. Maybe controlling the water pressure some way. Anyhow the room might be the first to be ready at the basement. We have to hold from this thought and continue the renovation. The beautiful work is waiting just around the corner.