Action all over the place

August 28, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

This week has been a lot going on. Our yard has turned to a construction area. The new waste water system has been installed. That included digging of two big holes, laying tens of meters pipes, more digging for the pipes and making holes to the wall for the waste water pipes. Also the 200 meters deep hole for the geothermal heating system was drilled. Not only the yard was under a lot of action, but also the basement. The isolation for the floor was installed and the pipes for the fresh water. We were taking care some of the work, but the most of it was done by professionals. We are feeling happy, that the renovation took a big step forward. Now it's possible, that we'll be having a bathroom at the end of the year!
Tobi made a hole through the wall, so the waste water pipes for the kitchen, bathroom and the sinks were possible to install. The pipes are going through the backyard in a 1,5 meters deep path.
The hole for the geothermal heating system was made with this machine. The drillers came here at early Tuesday morning and finished the work in the late evening. They needed more than 12 hours to make the 200 meters deep hole. We were looking mesmerized as the machine went deeper and deeper to the earth. The sound was reminding an old steam train.
The machine was spitting the earth out. At the beginning bigger pieces of stones and the deeper it drilled, turned the stones to a finer sand with a reddish tone.
The huge green tank is for the poo and pee. We needed a separate tank, because the river is so close to us. The environmental laws are not supporting all the waste water systems, when the water is closer than 100 meter from the living area. The capacity of the thing is about 10 000 liters, so we don't need to empty it for a while. The tank is now located near to the old waste tank.
The fresh water pipes for the sinks and the showers are now fixed at the basement. Tobi's job was to fix the pipes for the showers to the wall. Maybe in a one month we'll be showering here!
This bomb looking thing is a tank for the grey water - showers, sink, washing machines. There are now two of them and the water will filter through them both before it comes out and goes to the nature. The tanks are located 50 meters from the river according to the regulations.
We had a helping hand all the way from Germany. Tobi and Christoph were putting the stones around the pipe, so the purified waste water that comes out will flow better.
Tobi ended up in the tank. It's still pretty clean inside!
It looks quite a chaos around the house, but we are pleased that the renovation project is finally going further. If we are ready with the basement at the end of the year, we will be having a New Year Eve's celebration here. We'll keep you updated and welcome then!