The sauna garden

August 23, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

The sauna building by the river has been working as our bathroom now over a month. We wanted to make little changes to the surroundings. The bushes around the house had growed too much. When the plants are growing too close to the house, in the long run it might cause some damages to the building. As we were taking the old floor out of the basement, we found beautiful and big stones under the concrete and so the idea was born. We removed the plants and build a stone wall. We wanted to keep it pretty natural, so we used stones with different sizes and forms. The finishing touch was made with plants, wich made the house look appealing.
To avoid the coldness and greyness, we added some plants between the stones. They are originally from our garden and because of the new wastewater system they needed a new place. So it was also a rescue to the plants. We hope that we made a successful work and the plants will grow there the next year even more beautiful.
We added small stones to the front of the sauna so it will be nice to walk on them. Some of them we brought from our forest and some we collected from the sea. Now when we are cooling us from the heat of the sauna, we are picking the stones and wondering, how cool they look.
We'll be continuing this garden project along the way and the next years to come. And we promise to post new things soon. There has been a lot going on lately. But now we're heading to the sauna!


  1. This post brings back memories - SAUNA beer, diving for pebbles in the stream, Hanko... Kiitos!

    1. Thank you for all the help. And welcome again! :)