Further with our floor

February 14, 2017 Koivisto 0 Comments

Slowly we are getting further here. The latest achievement was the finishing of the basement floor. Our goal is to have the working spaces finally ready. In November the lights and rails for electric cabels were installed. In December we finished the air ventilation system, but after that the rooms have remained empty and the floor has been left as it was after the concrete casting. We decided to have an epoxy coating, because it is fast, inexpensive and stable solution. First step was to grind the floors to remove curing compounds, sealers and laitance. This makes the floor clean and even, so the epoxy will attach well and create a good surface.
We rented a grinding machine for one day and went through all the floors - office space, workshop and the hallway. After five hours and a lot of sweat the work was done. After vacuum cleaning the dust the work with epoxy was ready to begin.
We started the work with transparent epoxy. The process was like painting the floors, but in a certain time. After mixing the two components we had about 40 minutes to work. We mixed always only a little epoxy at once to make sure, that we will make it before the epoxy turns hard. We painted the floor twice, but the result wasn't pleasing. The floor had turned yellowish.
We decided to make one more layer to fix the floor, but with transparent cold grey from Teknos. All the layers had to be done in 24 hours after making the last one, otherwise the floor needs to be sanded again. Tobi built these spike shoes for epoxy work, that it's possible to walk on it while painting. They did their job well.
We like how lively the color turned out. In some parts can be seen more gray and in some the original color of the concrete. We are not so sure about the shiny surface, but we decided to let it stay like this at least for now. On the photos can be also seen two of the doors, which we repaired. They are both originally from here, still a bit work in progress. We are about to paint them in some point. This was a tiny update, how we are doing here. Today we celebrate in Finland the day of Friendship and that's why we want to dedicate the dusty heart above to all our friends. Many hugs and thank you for reading our blog.