New year - new plans

January 27, 2017 Koivisto 2 Comments

Photo: Özlem Gun.
The year has changed and we had a slow start with the renovation. We have been doing little things, but mainly we've been focusing on other stuff. We had finally also a little time to relax, spend time with our friends, enjoy the winter and sleep a lot. Year 2017 will be dedicated to our dream to have a designer's office here in the heart of countryside. It means that we are going to renovate, but our main focus is to build a working business. It probably means that we are not posting so often, but this isn't a goodbye yet.
This is the first winter for Tobi in Finland. We have been trying to get the most out of it. We have been playing with snow and testing some winter activities. Above is Tobi's first snow lantern. This January hasn't been so cold, but we have a lot of snow here. Altough the last days have been so warm, that a lot of it has melted. We have been capturing winter's wonders with our cameras.
We have quite many deers walking around here.
Photo: Özlem Gun. Fanni and the New Year's sparkles.
We had a little celebration here with friends, when the year changed. We were delighted to have so many lovely people here. And we deserved a little party after all the work.
Photo: Özlem Gun.
Photo: Maria Mercer.
Photo: Maria Mercer.
New Year's night was quite special all in all. The last days of December were dark, without snow and cloudy, but at New Year's Eve we had a beautiful star sky, little frost and we saw the first time Northern lights here. Quite a night!
The house is starting to look and feel like home. Our plants, new and old ones, have found their places. We have been enjoying and warming the sauna many times in a week. Next step with the renovation is to finish the concrete floor at the basement. We have actually started it already, but it's not quite ready yet. The plan is to have the working spaces ready before March. We promise to keep you updated, when something is happening here with the renovation. And we wish you all the very best for the year 2017!


  1. Echt geniale Silvester Fotos.

    1. Unsere begabten Freunden haben an Silverter fotografiert. :)