Winter vibes

February 26, 2017 Koivisto 0 Comments

For a while we thought that spring is already coming, but the last days showed us that the winter stays with us still for now. It has been snowing a lot and the days have turned colder, but luckily there's a lot of light already this time of the year. The squirrel above couldn't find his acorns underneath the snow, so it's stealing food from the birds - a daily routine. We are doing lot of things here, only not renovating. Actually we enjoy the situation pretty much, altough there's a lot of renovation work still waiting for us. This post is about our winter here, how beautiful the surrounding nature can be.
One of the most stunning winter sights are the misty winter days. There's just something mesmerising about fog. The sun is at the day time so warm, that it melts some of the snow and at night everything freezes again. Here has been quite slippery lately.
Two impressive sights in our forest are the sun and the river. The light is stunning, when the sun shines low just above the horizon through the trees. Water in our river keeps always flowing despite the coldness and the ice above is creating beautiful pieces of art.
Yesterday we visited the town Karkkila and the lake Pyhäjärvi. The wind had created fascinating textures on the snow. We made a little walk through the lake. This was the most beautiful day of the year so far.
The snow, the light and the wind created this illusion. From the near the snow looks like ice mountains in a snow storm. Really cool!
If the days are continuing like this, please winter stay still for a while and show the best of you! These days are not giving so much motivation to renovate, we just want to go out and enjoy the sun and snow. We swear, that in the next post we have something to show. Till then, enjoy the beautiful views!