Cheerful things

May 31, 2017 Koivisto 4 Comments

Hi there! About a year ago we started our renovation project and today it's officially over. We had a successful end control today. It means the basement is ready. Otherwise there's still things to do, for example to renovate the living room and bedroom and so on. This feels like a neverending project. However we are concentrating now on our company, which is also now official! And last but not least we are pretty excited about our brand new photo studio at the basement.
Spring came also finally, although a little late. This white wagtail, which is by the way a very suitable name for the bird because of the way it moves, we saw about a month ago. There's a Finnish saying, when this bird arrives it means the summer has almost arrived. Now it's already really green here. Apple trees are blossoming and today we baked the first rhubarb pie of the year.
We spent the whole Autumn without lights in the dining room. Before Christmas this beauty was installed, but we were quite in a hurry with the sauna and bathroom, so we have forgotton to show it to you. This is one of our favorite lights here. Also originally from the farm, dates back to the 70's.
Ledges have been missing almost half of a year. So finally Tobi attached painted pine ledges to dining room and kitchen. They gave a finished look and made the rooms feel bigger.
Project oven is our first post after our blog launch. It was about turning an old bread oven to a closet. We wanted to use the space and turn our kitchen bigger. In April we finally finished this project. Goodbye to the old bread oven and welcome to our new kitchen closet!
We had already a new closet project with our bedroom closet. We moved at the beginning of the year from upstairs to the main floor, but we have been sleeping and living in a chaos. Recently we fixed the closets for our clothes to control the chaos. This is a good start for the renovation of the bedroom.
This spring we had also time to concentrate on other things than only renovating. We hope, that we will have nice flowers and vegetables at summer time. This is all for now, quite good news from Koivisto. Good way to start the summer. Warm days will come with warm thoughts!