What happened?

July 21, 2018 Koivisto 0 Comments

The last post is from January, so maybe it's time to update a bit. What happened then? No renovation whatsoever. We have been busy with building our jewelry brand viilu and with our company Koivisto Studio. Biggest change might be, that we have a cat called Luigi now in the house. He has a big heart and lot of patience. He has taught us, how to relax and to be happy with the things we have. His favorite thing is to smell the fresh air. It's mesmerizing, that such a small thing can make him so happy.

Sorry about the winter photos in the middle of hot summer, but the winter was this year so beautiful and really cold, that we have to share a couple of views from our backyard. We had lot of sunny days and snow here. The photos are taken along the river side. At the coldest days the Nuijajoki river was almost completely frozen.

A tiny bit happened to our restroom. We updated it by adding there a new mirror. Tobi used an old mirror glass, but build a new frame for it. The mirror gave the room a feel of a bigger space than the restroom actually is.

The whole spring time we were busy with creating and producing a new collection for our viilu jewelry. This new collection is called valo & varjo, it means light and shadow. Eventually it took us to the Talents show in Frankfurt, Germany and brought us our first design award the Form 2018. So the effort and the work was worth it.
The photos were taken in our forest, because one important aspect to our brand is to show the environment where we live and work. We go also back to the roots, where the material comes from. It gives an understanding and respect to the wood. In trees we trust! You can find more information about our jewelry brand from here: www.viilu.fi

A little vegetable garden is a must, when living at the countryside. This is the second year we have it here. Everything is growing really fast and well, because the spring and the summer has been hot this year. Also the flowers we planted are blossoming in powerful colors.
Last but not least we have some good news. The next post is about renovation! We are continuing it by making our bedroom and living room ready. Until then, we wish all the best for your summer. Enjoy the blossoming nature and life!