Highlights of 2017

January 08, 2018 Koivisto 0 Comments

Carrying over the threshold. Photo: Stephan Deininger
When the year changes many of us have this sentimental feeling, leaving something behind and stepping into new and unknown. We were quite tired at the end of the year 2017, other words you could say a little bit lazy. However as we started to think what happened in our year 2017, we found out that we had actually accomplished and experienced lot of things. No wonder that at the end our energy was gone. It's nice to go through the year and say goodbye to it. Welcome the new year and make some wishes. There's always a possibility, that the dreams will turn true.

Our basement at New Year's Eve. Photo: Özlem Gün
Photo: Özlem Gün
The first day. Photo: Özlem Gün
The year 2017 began with laughter - having a good time with friends. We celebrated New Year here at our partly unfinished basement. First day of 2017 was cold but beautiful and surrounded by lovely people. Beginning of the year was in general quite relaxed. We were renovation slowly, but mainly we focused on writing our business plan for our future company.

Photo: Stephan Deininger
At the end of February we got married! The propose was done by Tobi in January. It all happened pretty fast. The ceremony was short and we had already decided, that a bigger celebration would be held in Summer. The feeling as a newly wed couple was incredible. Maybe the first time, when our feet were of the ground and heads in the pink clouds.

The spring time were quite busy for us. At the beginning of summer three big steps were taken. The renovation was officially over, our company was ready to begin and we had our first jewelry collection ready to be produced. The photos above are from our office and how it looks at the moment. The change is quite huge from January last year. The drawer as well as the working table are both from a second hand shop. We are dreaming about new tables and working chairs.

Photo: Marco Menestrina
Photo: Lars Gölnitz
Then started the preparation for our wedding celebration, which was planned to take place in our barn house. We had quite a lot to do and a little time. At the celebration day some things weren't perfect, but our family and friends had a great time and that is what counts. We are astonished that the day turned out to be so memorable with so little planing. We could have not make it without all our lovely friends and family, who were working hard for our big day.

View over Lisbon.
Cabo da Roca.
We got the perfect wedding present, a holiday. We had five incredibly warm and beautiful days in Lisbon at the beginning of October. We visited also Sintra, UNESCO's World Heritage Site and were impressed about the buildings and gardens in the area. Last we went to the most Western point in mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. The view was stunning! In addition Portuguese food and wine were excellent!
Photo: Özlem Gün
The year 2017 ended in Germany. We had a lovely time there. Visiting Germany is for us like coming to a second home. Last we want to say a few words about this year, about our dreams and goals. We want to have a new family member here, a cat and finally visit Lapland, hopefully in wintertime. One huge goal is to make our company succesful. And a smaller goal to renovate the sauna house in summer. So bring it on 2018, we are ready! Hugs and kisses to you our dear friends and have a great year 2018!