Spring feelings at the workshop

April 12, 2017 Koivisto 0 Comments

Best news for a while: we have a working workshop! Well not quite, but we are very close and already working there. We are still waiting for spring flowers and colors, so we decided to have a little color inside of the house by upcycling a little. We built also two goldsmith tables. First one out of oak board, which stood once in rain and had some damages, but still perfect for this purpose. For the other table we bought pine board mainly because of financial reasons. Third desk was made out of old kitchen board. We are happy, how it looks here!
First we made the pieces for the tables. We wanted goldsmith tables with two sheets, so that the upper part is adjustable. Tobi made again good carpenter work. And it's already warm enough to saw outside!
Next step was to attach legs to the boards. One pair of legs we found from fleamarket. One pair we found here and one pair we bought. We lacquered them all black to give the same look for different legs. Then Tobi started to build the table parts together. We used stain for pine parts to give them similar look with oak. Finally all wooden parts were finished with oil to protect the surface.
Last we had some fun by tuning two old drawers with spray color, which was a leftover from one project. The drawers turned out really hip.
Yellow chair from Asko and the retro light from Monica Strandäng were both treasures from the house and looked quite nice with the green blue drawers - really spring like colors! There is still list of things that needs to be done. But first things first, finally we have a place where we can work. For us this is the best way to start the spring - working at the workshop, Werkstatt, paja!