One day photo studio

December 16, 2016 Koivisto 2 Comments

Photo: Saara Kyyrö. Susanna and Tobi (or only the hand) wearing the collection Seven.
One dream for us is to turn the barn house or part of it into a studio for photoshootings. The dream dind't quite yet came true, but we did have a photshooting here organized by our lovely friend Kirsi. The shooting took place in our dining room. Usually we are both behind the camera, but now we had fun also in front of the camera. Well in the blog we have been photographing eachother, but otherwise. The main stars of this photoshooting were a talented photographer Saara Kyyrö, a model Anniina and the gorgeous jewellery from Kirsi's own jewellery label Little Big Woman.
Anniina is posing for a ring from a collection called Seven. The ring got its inspiration from the star constellation Big Dipper, which in Finnish is called Otava. Otava is also the place, where Kirsi is coming from. More about the collection here: Seven.
Kirsi was checking, that the position of the ring looked good on the photos.
At the beginning was taken some test photos, where our dining room furniture were also part of. The concept was to photograph the jewellery in their real life scene. Our wooden bench and the dining table created a nice atmosphere to the photos. Quite a nice idea!
Photo: Saara Kyyrö.
After the testing a concept for the photos was chosen. It was more abstract and artistic compared to the real life scene photos. We think it suited better for the jewellery inspired by the stars. The favorite photo for us was the "hairwaterfall" with Susanna and Anniina wearing earrings from the Seven collection. The whole collection is available at Little Big Woman's online shop. These could be a nice Christmas present.
Maybe one day we can be behind the camera in our charming barn house. This is how it looks inside at the moment. It is a storage for wood and construction materials. Still we can already see how great it would be as a studio. When we are ready with the main building, there will be countless renovation projects to come. It's good to have dreams, they can take us to the stars. Happy Christmas time to you all!