Holiday in our big bathroom

December 24, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

We had a goal to make all the rooms ready at the basement before holidays and we almost made it! The workshop spaces are still unfinished, but otherwise. In some miraculous way also our sauna is despite some difficulties now ready, but not yet tested. We are still waiting the paint to dry. Now it's time to show our huge bathroom. We installed our new showers over a week ago and this week our electrician made the lights work. Day before yesterday we finished our bathroom furniture and now the room is starting to look a bit more ready. This year the Christmas Eve is black and rainy. Instead of going to our forest for picking a tree, we found a cute pine from our yard. We wanted to have something green in our bathroom, so the pine will do it for the holiday time. The big green blue glass bottle is also a treasure from the farm. It looks pretty nice with the Christmas pine.
Tobi made the finishing touch to the bathroom by filling the seems with black, grey and white silicon.
We have been showing sneak peeks of the bathroom already, the white tile wall Renovation news plus the floor and the ceiling Hello to new floors and ceiling. But this blue wall we have been keeping til now unrevealed. Most of the surfaces in the bathroom are black and white, so we wanted to gave a little color to the space. These tiles are Pukkila's shiny blue tiles, leftovers from another construction area. The shiny blue makes the room lively and gives freshness. It creates also beautiful reflections together with the old window. And blue is the favorite color of both of us.
We got lucky by finding these chic rain showers with a really good offer from the local S-Rauta in the town Karkkila. They are from a Finnish company Grana. They are fitting really well with the round led lights and fullfilling nicely the space. Our electrician installed this week the round retro style switches, which are looking damn good with the old brick walls.
We had some leftover wood from making of the sauna, so Tobi made a bench out of the aspen and Susanna oiled it. We wanted to have the same style with it as the restroom furniture (Smokey sauna and almost ready restroom). The bench is now on the other side of the showers for cooling after the sauna.
Now is the time for us to take a little break from renovating and enjoy of our new home. Happy and relaxed holidays to you! Hugs and greetings from Koivisto.