The story

June 08, 2016 Koivisto 0 Comments

Koivisto is an old farm from the late 1800's located in Karkkila, South Finland. In the photo is the old main building of the farm. Later on this house was unbuild, however some parts of the building were kept here at the farm. For example some of the beautiful wooden doors. 

The new main building was build at 1959.
The photo above is taken at that Autumn, when the house just got finished. Susanna's grandparents were living in this house and make a living as farmers. 

We moved in to this same house at Spring 2016 wanting to continue the story of Koivisto. The fields, the forest and the buildings - the house, the barn, the sauna house and the storages - have all remained almost the same since the map above from the mid 50's. Our dream is to live and work here. But first it's renovation time!